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  •  Hamilton Event

    Tuesday 20th April 2021

  •  Topic  Overview
     Keynote: Collaboration & Learning with your Supply Chain
     Presenters: Adrian Griffin, SAP; Dave Scullin, Zespri, Monique Mallon, T&G; Vijay Reddy, Fonterra
     NB: This was a panel discussion so no presentation to circulate
    Now, more than ever, we need resilient supply chains that are predictive, intelligent, and agile. Supply chain executives need the visibility to quickly and accurately make decisive and informed decisions that enable their business to sense, predict, and respond to these global supply chain dynamics. Join us for this engaging panel discussion with 3 leading experts as we discuss the challenges they've met and how to overcome them.

     Presentation: Working together to change young lives
     Presenter: Stephanie Brown, Graham Dingle Foundation
     Presentation: Graham Dingle Foundation.pdf 
     Video: 25 year video with achievements - YouTube
    Discussing how we work with companies to create mutually beneficial partnerships, enabling a hands-on influence for a real-world return. Using SAP as a case study, we will illustrate ways to enhance the impact of a company's investment.

     Presentation: SAP Robotic Process Automation with OCR Recognition
     Presenters: Kevin Allen and Sandy Saju, Centrix

     Presentation: Robotic Process Automation.pdf
     Presentation: AI and SAP
     Presenter: Prof Albert Bifet, University of Waikato

     Presentation: AI and SAP.pdf
     Presentation: SAP in the Cloud: Turning the Silver Lining into Gold
     Presenter: Ben Kwan, IBM
     Presentation: IBM-Customer-PowerVS.pptx 
    The Digital Transformation Journey for SAP workloads is often seen as a terrifying and complex journey ... but it can also be an opportunity. Through careful consideration of Cloud Offerings against SAP Certification requirements, the chance to leverage the kind of unique certification offered to certain architectures can present significant operational expense and complexity over the life of your SAP HANA install. Learn how IBM's new Power VS SAP Cloud offering can make this a thing of the past.
     Presentation: SAP Business Technology Platform
     Presenter: Sunil Kollabathini, Datacom

     Presentation: NZSUG - SAP DATACOM - 20 APR 2021.pdf 
    Join the team from Datacom as they explore some of the strong functionality found in SAP Business Technology Platform to handle automation with Digital Process Automation and heterogeneous / hybrid environments with OpenConnectors.
     Presentation: SAP Content Migration
     Presenter: Theo Morlang, Tenzing

     Presentation: Tenzing - SAP Content Migration.pdf
     Presentation: Holidays Act Compliance with SAP Time and Attendance
     Presenter: Mark Quayle, Workforce Software

    Non-compliance hurts both employees who are incorrectly paid, and employers who suffer considerable financial consequences for remediation requirements. In this presentation we'll walk you through how SAP Time and Attendance is helping customers navigate the NZ Holidays Act requirements with ease.



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