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  •  Hamilton Event

    Tuesday 3rd March 2020

  •  Topic  Overview
    Keynote: Embarking on a holistic approach to CX
     Paul Sipos, Country Leader, DXC Oxygen and Marco Formaggio, Director Customer Experience, DXC Oxygen

    Presentation:  Hamilton 2020 Keynote slides.pdf
    CX is often hailed as the answer to many business problems. "Get closer to the customer", is the common cry we hear from customers, hoping CX solutions will overcome their customer challenges. The reality is that projects often fail to deliver the benefits - customers remain dissatisfied.
    In this session, Paul and Marco will outline why a more holistic approach is required. The combination of an integrated supply chain, engaged employees and user-centrix product designs can achieve a truly integrated experience.
    By thinking about the entire business process and how the organisation is connected, DXC Technology's 'Humanise Digital' model investigates each of these components within an organisation and provides a roadmap for identifying real opportunities to mover the needle. The customer's actual experience isdependent on all of the elements operating in harmony after all.

     Presentation: Journey to Integrated Business Planning (IBP).
     Denis Framov, Principal Consultant, DXC Oxygen

    Presentation:  IBP DXC Oxygen.pdf
    One of Australia's leading branded food exporters partnered with DXC Oxygen to implement a best-in-class demand planning solution the provides scalable capabilities to support it's business today and into the future.
    At this presentation, DXC Oxygen will step attendees through the decision process that this business followed to choose SAP's Integrated Business Planning solution to solve their business problem, which the exporter plans to deploy across it's global operations.
    DXC Oxygen will also highlight how SAP IBP has evolved from SAP's earlier solutions such as SAP Advanced Planning and Optimisation, and outline some of the differences in these solutions.
    Notably, the project was DXC Oxygen's first full-cycle SAP IBP assignment which was delivered using a blended onshore/offshore team and a Rapid Deployment methodology over a 16 week period.

     Presentation: Agile and DevOps for SAP: Accelerate your digital transformation.
     Michael Carryer, Practice Manager and Theo van Dijk, Principal Solution Architect, DXC Oxygen

    Presentation:  DXC's CLEVER Platform.pdf
    Organisations must undergo process transformation to embrace true enterprise agility. However, SAP run businesses can only transform as fast as their application management and development teams can build, test and release new functionality.
    Adopting a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) framework enables SAP teams to achieve the velocity and responsiveness required to keep pace with ever-changing business demands.
    In this session DXC will introduce the three distinct components of becoming agile and the features and benefits of the tools. Discover some of the alternative tools DXC use to emphasise the modular setup of the platform which is greater than the sum of the individual parts. With these insights, organisations can expedite the digital transformation journey and understand how best to leverage their current skills and tools to create exponential value from their existing investments.

     Presentation: Impact Analysis.
     Sudesh Lourdes, CTO, Syd Consulting and Gavin Martin, Kordia

    Presentation:  SYD Consulting HANA 2.0.pdf
    Getting the users to test any major changes in the SAP environment is a problen due to resource availability. Currently a major SAP upgrade project is in the go-live phase and the testing management was improved greatly by utilising Impact Analysis from LiveCompare. In this presentation we will run through the project outline, the challenges and how we successfully managed these.

     Presentation: The Future of SAP and Spatial.
     Matti Seikkula, ZAG

    Presentation: Spatial presentation.pdf
    SAP is embracing the Spatial Industry and has allied itself with the major vendors like Esri to provide additional functionality for users. But what is Spatial Industry and why should you care> Zag's Head of Spatial Services dives into what is already there and how this alliance can benefit SAP professionals now and in the future.

     Presentation: Accounts Payable and/or Sales Order processing automation for SAP.
     Fuji Xerox

    Presentation: Esker - Fuji Xerox.pptx 
    Presentation and Demonstration of:
    • Accounts Payable and Purchasing Automation for SAP
    • Sales Order Processing and Accounts Receivables Automation for SAP
    • Cover e-Invoicing and PEPPOL requirement that is being implemented in NZ in relation to both AP and AR
     Presentation: The Power of Smart Impact Analysis & Automated Testing.
     Grant Borrie, Executive Director and Tim Rankin-Mills, Head of Automation, The Testing Consultancy

    Presentation: Automated Testing TTC.pdf 
    Adopting the latest generation of SAP applications is essential for driving digital transformation initiatives. Projects like SAP S/4HANA migrations are a critical component of a broader digital transformation. They enable a more rapid and continuous innovation cycle. Yet, to truly take advantage of these new platforms for innovation, enterprises need to eliminate the delays associated with deploying changes or upgrades to SAP applications. 
    Join this session, and learn how customers have reduced business risk and increased release velocity by adopting a new platform for change management.

     Presentation: Proactive and real-time data protection relevant to both SAP and non-SAP applications in the customer's environment.
     Amit Bajaj, SAP

    Presentation: Cybersecurity_and_data_protection.pdf

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