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To be held on 22nd Nov 2019, Westpac Stadium

2018 AGM Minutes: AGM Minutes 2018.doc

2019 Agenda: AGM Agenda 2019.doc

2019 Executive Nomination Form: Exec member nomination form 2019_20.docx

Job Description of an NZSUG Executive member: Executive member role.docx

2019 Financials: Financial Statements for Year Ended 31 March 2019 NZSUG.pdf

2019 Chairpersons Report:  



Nominations for positions on the NZSUG Executive

 Nominated Person Nominated by / Seconded by Position Organisation
 Dimple Gandhi Tim Rivett / Rosanne English Chairperson Dept of Corrections
 Rosanne English Dimple Gandhi / Tim Rivett Secretary Inland Revenue
 Melonie Fisher Rosanne English / Tim Rivett Treasurer Auckland City Council
 Tim Rivett Dimple Gandhi / Rosanne English Executive Inland Revenue


Notice of Motions to change the NZSUG Rules

     Rules of the NZSAP User Group: NZSUG Rules v3.docx 

     Motion to remove clause 5.1 (b), insert new clause 5.2, and amend section 7.2

           5.1  At a Society Meeting, the Members may decide by majority vote:

                b) Who shall be the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer;

          5.2  The Executive once elected will determine who will be the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and any other Executive Officer positions. 

          7.2  If the position of any Officer become vacant between Annual General Meetings, the Executive may appoint another Executive Member to fill that   vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting. Motion is just to remove the last part of the clause "...until the next Annual General Meeting." 

     Moved: Rosanne English; Seconded: Tim Rivett 

     Rationale: It is proposed that the members of the NZSUG elect 5-6 executive members at the yearly AGM and those elected members determine who will occupy which role for the next year. We believe that more members will be willing to put their names forward to serve on the executive without the need to be nominated to a specific role. The executive can then rotate roles and duties to allow for more flexibility in managing NZSUG.


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