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Wellington Event

Friday 22nd November 2019 


Topic  Presentation Overview 


 The Next Era of Business Innovation and Exceptional Customer Experience

  Paul Marriott, Vice President Digital Core, SAP APJ

Presentation: Paul Marriott Keynote.pdf


SAP S/4 HANA Cloud – ERP made simple

Andrew Mills, Director SAP Practice, Deloitte and Alistair Morgen, NZ Comfort Group    

Presentation: Deloitte Key Note.pptx 

SAP ERP as we know it has changed with the introduction of SAP S/4 HANA. One of the biggest shifts has been the introduction of SAP S/4 HANA cloud deployed in a multi-tenant public cloud. This is changing the face of SAP customers globally and Deloitte are driving this change in partnership with SAP.

We will explain some key differences to traditional SAP ERP and provide examples of customers that Deloitte are working with to drive a SAP S/4 based transformation within their businesses. It is the smaller organisations that adopt this approach who will really benefit from the latest SAP functionality as they are on a permanently quarterly upgrade path and will be able to react quickly to leverage the benefits of new functionality like AI. Alistair Morgan from the New Zealand Comfort Group will touch on their journey to modernise their business with a new digital core to bring this to life. 

It is safe to say that the face of the SAP user group itself will change quickly as a result.  We can expect growth in the SAP community in years to come.


The Future of SAP and Spatial – Why should you care?

Matti Seikkula, Head of Spatial, ZAG


Presentation: ZAG Spatial.pptx 

SAP is embracing the Spatial Industry and has allied itself with the major vendors like Esri to provide additional functionality for users. But what is Spatial Industry really about and why should you care? Zag's Head of Spatial Services dived into what is already there and how this alliance can benefit SAP professionals now and in the future.


Integrate SAP accounts with your IAM systems to get a unified view of your entire enterprise

Serkan Cetin, Technical Director, One Identity APJ



 Implementing Identity and Access Management (IAM) across multiple IT infrastructures and software platforms is a major challenge for any organisation. This task is even more complicated when business-critical platforms like SAP are involved. SAP has its own security and access governance requirements and is usually managed by a completely separate team from the one responsible for your enterprise-wide IAM program. But there is an effective, efficient and unified way to bring SAP accounts under the management of the same IAM system you use for the rest of your enterprise. During this session, you will learn how to break down the silos between SAP accounts and the rest of your ID infrastructure - and reduce your user-management burden, as well as:

·         Get a unified view of SAP accounts along with the rest of your enterprise

·         Bring all users under governance

·         Easily scale to manage hundreds of millions of SAP objects

·         Benefit from SAP-Optimised SoD verification and enforcement

·         Leverage SAP-specialised workflows and business logic

·         Integrate SAP cloud applications with One Identity Starling Connect


 Presentation:  Robotic Process Automations and SAP; Foodstuff North Islands Journey so far

Tim Paton, Finance Automation Lead, Foodstuffs North Island

Presentation: NZSUG FSNI - RPA Journey.pdf 

In this presentation Tim will cover:

  •  An Overview of the journey so far
  • Successes and Failures
  • Where Foodstuff North Island are thinking of going next

 Presentation:  Impact Analysis

Sudesh Lourdes, CTO, Syd Consulting and Gavin Martin, Kordia


 Getting the users to test any major changes in the SAP environment is a problem due to resource availability. Currently a major SAP upgrade project is in the go-live phase and the testing was improved greatly by utilising Impact Analysis from LiveCompare. In this presentation we will run through the project outline, the challenges and how we successfully managed these.

 Presentation:  HANA 2.0 Upgrade Session

Sudesh Lourdes, CTO, Syd Consulting


Presentation: SYD Consulting HANA 2.0.pdf 

In this session Sudesh will give an overview including:

  • Points to consider for upgrade
  • Key Tasks before upgrade
  • Outcomes and benefits

 Presentation:  SAP End to End Integrated Planning Roadmap

Chris Newdick, Enterprise Architect, ZAG


Presentation: SAP Integrated Planning.pdf 

What is SAP's approach and how will SAP IBP, S/4 HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud work together? Join this session to learn about how SAP's approach to planning is evolving and what it means for your current and future landscape. The session will walk you through an integrated end to end approach for companywide planning.


 Presentation:  Central Finance – Building and S/4 HANA

Craig Jessep, Global Manager Design, Fonterra




 Presentation:  Empower Citizen Engagement by Humanizing Digital

Paul Sipos, Country Leader and Renae Rowland, Citizen Engagement Offering Lead, DXC Oxygen


Presentation: Humanising Digital.pptx 

This session will explore how SAP are working jointly with DXC Technology around the globe and delivering amazing experiences for citizens when engaging with public services. By focusing on both Digital and Human aspects we have delivered unique experiences for citizens in a robust way that can be continuously innovated.

The proposed solution is DXC's SAP Public Sector offering which leverages C/4 HANA with our co-developed Citizen Engagement Accelerator. Key takeaways will be the ROI achieved from implementing this solution within the public sector, such as Christchurch City Council, as outlined in:  http://turtl.dxc.technology/story/5d30c11c1604452202de873a#!/page/1

 Presentation:  Test Automation – Customer Success Story - AGL (Australia)

Grant Borrie, Senior Technical Consultant, Brendan Lester, Consultant, TTC Global and Thomas Hadorn, Tricentis


Presentation: SAP Tosca Test Automation and AGL.pptx 

Following the related Kordia case study on SAP Impact Analysis by Syd, this presentation highlights how AGL were able to utilise capabilities of model-based SAP test automation to reduce their test cycle times from 42 days down to a few days. AGL wanted to be able to take an idea and make the change in production within a week. Their bottle neck was manual testing.


The speakers will demonstrate how model-based SAP test automation is created and then present the AGL case study.

 Presentation:  Rising to the EAM Data Challenge

Seamus McNamara, Practice Manager SCM/EAM, DXC Oxygen and Sladen Moses, Regional Manager, Utopia


Presentation: Utopia EAM Data Challenge.pptx 

A persistent challenge in asset intensive organisations is managing the vast and varied asset related data sources. Digital industry innovation has only deepened the problem. In this session DXC Technology and partner Utopia will deep-dive the common challenges in the effective management of enterprise asset data and showcase some case studies of organisations who have successfully risen to the challenge by crafting a successful master data strategy and the tools and processes they leveraged.

     Presentation:   Fraud, compliance and Risk: why early detection is your strongest weapon against increasingly sophisticated financial crime

    Matthew Goss, Managing Director, SAP Concur

    Presentation:  Matthew Goss_SAP Concur_Fraud Risk Compliance Presentation.pptx

    Around half of all organisations around the world admit to falling victim to fraud and economic crime, and that number may be much higher. Detecting and preventing fraud can be almost impossible. Organisations can combat this by setting a strong security-focused culture in which fraud is clearly not tolerated, putting smart technology in place to manage financial dealings, and maintaining a preventative mindset. Control is the key. This includes setting and enforcing clear policies around expenditure, requiring all employees to use company credit cards for business-related spending, and automating expense-related processes to minimise human interaction. In this presentation, Matthew will explore some real-world examples of financial fraud and talk about ways organisations can manage this risk.

     Presentation: Applying Agile to Successful ERP Implementations

    Alistair Morgan, Head of Delivery, The NZ Comfort Group

    Presentation: NZ Comfort Group Applying Agile.pptx 

    Alistair Morgan, Head of Delivery at the New Zealand Comfort Group will provide an overview of the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud-based transformation project they are delivering.

    The session will talk about the Comfort Group's approach to architecture and ERP as well as how they are delivering the project using a fully Agile approach. This will include some lessons learnt both from an SAP S/4 HANA cloud product perspective and also from a methodology perspective when applying Agile to an ERP implementation.




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