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Auckland Event + SAP Summit 2019

Wednesday 21st  August



Presentation Overview 

The Next Era of Business Innovation and Exceptional Customer Experience

Paul Marriott, Senior Vice President Digital Core, SAP APJ


 Beyond Migration - Humanising Digital

Stuart Dickinson, Director and General Manager, DXC Oxygen 

With many enterprise transformation roadmaps now in place and SAP cloud migration paths clearly outlined, if not underway, the shift to digital is happening. With S/4HANA positioned as your business's digital core the technology foundation has been laid for innovation. Technology is but a single facet of transformation. Success is underpinned by how engaged the people who interact with that technology are. By taking a human centred approach to your migration planning, business case formulation and post-migration initiatives the needs of people become the compass to guide your innovation. Through empathising and deeply understanding the end user requirements of customers, employees and partners, you can start to redefine the end-to-end business value chain, prioritising by what matters most. This co-creative approach to design thinking that considers the human perspective of your workforce, suppliers and customers rather than purely technology is what will ultimately give that competitive market edge. In this session, Stuart Dickinson, Director, General Manager DXC Oxygen will explore how the strongest predictor of stability is often the ability to unlearn and re-see the future. By humanising digital and factoring the needs of people into our blueprint we encourage experience, data and innovation to co-exit. This model fosters confidence and engagement and it is with this certainty you can truly disrupt.


The future of SAP and Spatial – why you should care

Matti Seikkula, Head of Spatial Services, ZAG and Marin Videnov, Senior Solution Advisor Intelligent Platform, SAP


SAP S/4HANA Cloud -ERP made simple

Andrew Mills, Director SAP Practice, Deloitte and Alistair Morgan, NZ Comfort Group

SAP ERP as we know it has changed with the introduction of SAP S/4HANA. One of the biggest shifts has been the introduction of SAP S/4HANA cloud deployed in a multi-tenant public cloud. This is changing the face of SAP customers globally and Deloitte are driving this change in partnership with SAP.

We will explain some the key differences to traditional SAP ERP and provide examples of customers that Deloitte are working with to drive an SAP S/4 based transformation within their businesses. It is the smaller organisations that adopt this approach who will really benefit from the latest SAP functionality as they are on a permanent quarterly upgrade path and will be able to react quickly to leverage the benefits of new functionality like AI. Alistair Morgan from the New Zealand Comfort Group will touch on their journey to modernise their business with a new digital core to bring this to life.

It is safe to say that the face of the SAP user group itself will change quickly as a result. We can expect growth in the SAP community in years to come.      



Presentation Overviews

Digital Data Transformation Powered by SNP BLUEFIELDTM Approach

Marcus Scott, Managing Director, SNP Australia



Automation drives entire data transformation lifecycle. Enterprises can discover how SNP BLUEFIELDTM approach enables them to easily assess, upgrade and migrate in a single go-live project, and deliver automated transformations at higher speed and lower risk. Multiple SAP transformation projects in one go-live with minimized downtime at cutover for all your Business Transformation events like merge, split.  Accelerated Business Transformation through intelligent Software.      


Intelligent Spend Management: Every Source, Every Category. One Unified View

Joel Solomon, Director Digital Transformation, SAP   





Speed up Business Processes with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Murali Shanmugham, Solutions Advisor SAP Cloud Platform, SAP       


Automation is a massive market opportunity with growing demand in the enterprise. From HR to finance to customer service, companies use robotic process automation to gain competitive advantage, deliver rapid results, and improve customer and employee experiences. Hear how you can empower your teams to focus on more strategic tasks by automating and streamlining your business processes in SAP S/4HANA & other cloud solutions with the recently released SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services.



Applying Agile to Successful ERP Implementations 

Christian Wehrle, Deloitte and Alistair Morgan, Head of Delivery, NZ Comfort Group  


Alistair Morgan, Head of Delivery at the New Zealand Comfort Group and Christian Wehrle from Deloitte will provide an overview of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud-based transformation project they are delivering.

We will talk about the Comfort Group’s approach to architecture and ERP as well as how they are delivering the project using a fully Agile approach. This will include some lessons learnt both from an SAP S/4HANA cloud product perspective but also from a methodology perspective when applying Agile to an ERP implementation.       


Which Analytics Solution is right for me? Review of SAC, Tableau and Power BI

Peter Collett, Managing Director, Icon Integration

Join Peter Collett for a fast paced, honest and up to date review of the 3 hottest BI application in the SAP ecosystem today.

Everyone is talking about SAC, Power BI and Tableau today, but how do they really stack up? How are the three vendors differentiating their solutions, what is the market saying about them and how do they compare in a direct feature/function comparison?
See each of the tools in action and find out how organisations are leveraging them today.


Mercury's move to AWS, and what you can learn from it

Mike Nichols, Platform and Solutions Manager, Mercury 

Mercury is an electricity generation and retailing company based in New Zealand. In 2017, their SAP hardware was coming up for renewal and they had to decide whether to invest in expensive new hardware to last them for the next seven years, or to move to the cloud. Mercury decided to lead rather than follow by moving to the AWS. What were the challenges, the learnings and the benefits? Hear Mercury's story during the NZSUG.



How we got 1000 customers using our Hybris Online Store - A Business User and BA View

Alicia Hovinga and Sheldon Kearns, Head of Operations - Sales, FrucorSunctory


Small teams can achieve big things. As a Business Process Owner and Business Analyst we will take you through our insights as to how we engaged internal stakeholders and our customers to achieve our goal of 1000 customers using our SAP Hybrid Online store. From finding the right anchoring points, to using agile approaches and the mindset needed to be comfortable with progress over perfection we will take you on a journey through the tools and techniques we used to achieve our 1000 customer goal.      


S/4 HANA Finance Migration and benefits

Bonnie Hohlfield, SAP Finance Team Lead and Chris Attwood, Senior Technical Architect, Foodstuffs North Island 

Foodstuffs North Island undertook a complex project which consisted of patching the SAP systems, migrating the database from SQL to HANA and also implementing the S/4HANA Finance 1605 add-on. As the organisation was in progress with other SAP related initiatives, the approach used to deliver this 6 months project allowed the team to implement quickly, isolate the changes within the Finance function and continue with other projects. Get insights on the project approach, execution timelines, benefits, managing of the downtime outage as well as lessons learnt from combining the patching, migration of SQL to HANA database and implementing SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605 in one project. 


Expense Management Journey with SAP Concur

James Pearson, Business Enablement Analyst, Tait Communications                  


In this session, we will share what the expense management journey with SAP Concur has looked like so far for Tait Communications. We want the audience to learn from us and our experience and will offer tips for others looking at implementing SAP Concur.    



HANA 2.0 Upgrade Lessons and Tips, a Customer Story

Sudesh Lourdes and Robert Chen, Syd Consulting

In this presentation Sudesh and Robert will cover:

  • Points to consider for upgrade
  • Key tasks before upgrade
  • Outcomes and benefits

Accelerated Implementation and Operations of the Intelligent Suite using SAP Solution Manager and Focused Solutions

Rajeev Gollapudi, Head Solution Manager & ALM Innovation, SAP



Learn how SAP Solution Manager with Focused Solutions are your perfect partner in the implementation for SAP S/4HANA. Understand how SAP Solution Manager with its rich functional portfolio supports all aspects of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Also get a sneak peek at the ALM strategy and roadmap of various ALM tools from SAP. 



Achieving your Optimum Database Size with Data Volume Management Project

Rose Ahmad, DVM Focus Advisor, SAP  


In the traditional database environment, the cost of maintaining data storage is cheap and consequently, most organisations accumulate years of data and maintain huge database sizes. In some cases, these have started to impair performance and have an impact on current business processes. Now, as organisations embark on their transformation journey, they look for cost effectiveness in their storage and database solutions. In-memory databases enables faster and higher volume processing but comes with the need to reduce and achieve the optimum database size. Setting up the Data Volume Management (DVM) project as part of the overall data strategy helps organisations to achieve this goal.

SAP Enterprise Support via the Data Volume Management Value Map can assist you, by providing the guidelines and collaboration platform on how to:

  •  setup DVM Project
  • start DVM Analysis
  • setup DVM Quick wins and;
  • setup DVM Strategy


Creating a Digitally Adoptive Culture

Heidi Chambers, Global Head of Digital Adoption, Presence of IT 


With the rapid increase in cloud implementations, it's timely to look more closely at the way technology is being adopted in organisations and how effectively change and digital transformation is supported. As employee expectations and behaviour with technology shift in a world of digital disruption, how do you as an organisation remain competitive, introduce technology and enhance employee experience without sacrificing adoption of users? This is an area that Presence of IT has been focusing on - we've changed change.



From Incubator to Innovator: Datacom's approach to engage the Intelligent Enterprise

Glenn Roberts, Principal Consultant, Datacom 


Datacom has often been seen as just the core infrastructure partner in many SAP sites across the region. However, the organisation has a deep history in software engineering and solution delivery. With new project approaches such as Agile and DevOps and with wide set of tools and deep capability, Datacom is actively engaged in taking new concepts from a simple idea to a delivered outcome. In this presentation, Datacom's robust and innovative approach will be outlined.



Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your SAP Infrastructure

Benjamin Kwan, Systems Specialist Server & Storage, IBM





Rewiring your workforce: Our Neuro-Diverse Future

Michael Fieldhouse, Social Impact Practice Leader, DXC Technology

Neurodiversity is the concept of being inclusive of neurological differences, including hiring and retaining talented people with conditions such as autism. There is fast-growing recognition of the benefits that neurodiversity in the workplace brings. People with neuro-diverse needs typically have strengths that would benefit many workplaces: quick learners with incredible attention to detail and problem-solving skills, an eye for detecting data patterns, and an ability to sustain superior levels of concentration - making them uniquely qualified for the and data teams. 80,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with autism. This community has much to offer, but its members are often marginalised by modern recruitment and business practices. In this session you will learn more about the programs in technology for people living with autism, and explore how employing neuro-diverse workforce could offer competitive advantages for your business. 


HANA - Harnessing the power of spatial

Matti Seikkula, Business Line Manager - Spatial Services, ZAG

HANA is not just powerful in-memory database - it is also natively spatial powering analysts with standards-compliant spatial queries and tools from spatial industry to access and manipulate spatial data. The WHEN is now and we will dive into the WHAT, WHY and HOW of spatial in HANA to empower your team with the power of spatial!


Automated Testing for SAP, a real world example at Net Express

Theo van Dijk, Principal Architect, DXC Oxygen 

In this presentation Theo van Dijk, DXC Oxygen Solution Architect will showcase how NXP was able to build a fully automated regression test set, covering 95% of their processes, in just 4 weeks' time, and subsequently ran 91 end-to-end scenarios every night, including more than 900 process steps. Theo will also provide an insight on a true CI/CD workflow that brings DevOps in SAP environments to life. 

Next Generation Analytics for Finance

Andreas Kral, Solution Advisor, SAP

Finance Departments of the future are driven by four critical forces: Automation, Digitalisation, Globalisation and Empowerment. Join this session to learn more about the SAP Analytics solutions offering finance capabilities aligned to the CFO agenda. See firsthand how planning functionality within AP Analytics Cloud (SAC), SAPO Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), and SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) complement each other, and hear the latest product news and roadmaps for these solutions.


Agile GRC

Dudley Cartwright, CEO, Soterion

 How recent trends are impacting organisations and their ability to manage risks in a rapidly changing environment

MyWave Presentation - e'ffect

Amy Johnson, Chief Customer Experience and Revenue Officer, MyWave

Amy Johnson, Chief Customer Experience and Revenue Officer of MyWave AI shares her insights and experiences to answer the question ‘What are the key Pillars of Success in becoming a Customer Centred Intelligent Enterprise?’  Hear the answers through live examples and how you can apply this to your business.

Reduce your risk in mitigation to S/4HANA with frequent Change Impact Analysis

Grant Borrie,  Technical Director and Tim Rankin-Mills, Head of Technology, The Testing Consultancy

TTC will show how the use of Change Impact Analysis can greatly reduce the risk of upgrading SAP systems and speed up automated testing through accurate targeting of tests at risk areas. This saves organisations significant overheads and speeds up the SAP migration process.

Creating Exceptional Employee Experience through SAP HR Technology

Nico Hadj-Blaha, VP Sales, Rizing

In this session, Nico will explore how SAP technologies can support HR and business leaders design an integrated employee experience.

  • Fostering a collaborative company culture through communication and leadership
  • Using technology to create a personalised candidate experience during the recruitment process
  • Identifying rewards that tailor to employee interests and needs
  • Using tools to rethink the roles, structure and strategy to deliver a compelling employee experience

Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA 50% Faster, 100% Safer 

Deepak Pratap, Director, Lagom and Ben Chen, Director of Presales and Customer Success, APJ (Panaya)



Modern Business Intelligence

Stefan Mayer, Managing Director and Pedro Eguren, SAP Business Intelligence Manager, Centrix Holdings and Shahied Moerat, SAP BW HANA Solution Team Lead, Foodstuffs NI


In this presentation, the team from Centrix along with Foodstuffs will take an overview of how Business Intelligence has evolved to thrive and conduct companies to success.

  •  BI evolution
  • BI ten years ago and BI now
  • Real Case Scenario: Foodstuffs and how the new tools impacted their current BI landscape









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