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Auckland Event + SAP Summit 2018

Thursday 23rd August



Sponsored Keynote's - Overview & Presentations

SAP's Portfolio Strategy: From Digital to Intelligent Enterprise

Presenters: Mani Pirouz, Global Vice President, Product & Portfolio Strategy, SAP SE and Rudolf Hois, Vice President, Chief Product Owner for SAP S/4HANA on Premise, P&I, SAP SE


Bio - Mani Pirouz

Bio - Rudolf Hois 


Mani Pirouz is the Head od SAP's Portfolio Strategy where he is responsible for guiding the SAP Executive Board on investment decisions regarding SAP's global product portfolio and related business models. Mani will share his insights on the industry and technology trends driving the next computing era, the Intelligent Era, and will also provide an update on SAP's strategy for an integrated suite of intelligent applications and the portfolio investments that support it. Don't miss this session to gain valuable insights into the strategic portfolio decisions that shape SAP's future solutions offerings and your decision making.       


Leading with Customer Experience

Presenters: Jan Devereux, Customer Solutions Manager, Soltius NZ Ltd

To align with the first keynote regarding the 'Intelligent Era' and SAP's future direction as recently announced at SAPPHIRE NOW 2018, Soltius will do a deep dive into Leading with SAP Customer Experience and SAP's strategy to take back the CRM market with its new competitive offering - C/4HANA (the biggest announcement at SAPPHIRE this year). In addition to demystifying C/4HANA, we will uncover other exciting areas developing in SAP Customer Experience (coming from behind the scenes at SAPPHIRE); including new Data Management offerings and User Experience insights into FIORI 3 and Neptune Software. We will back this content up with relevant use cases and success stories from our NZ customers, including the Customer Experience project that won us and our client (Balance Agri-Nutrients) a global SAP Innovation Award 2018 - making us the first New Zealand companies to win an award of this caliber.


Presentation: Leading with Customer Experience.pdf 


The Rise of Machines

Presenter: Stuart Dickinson, Director, General Manager, DXC Oxygen       


There is a popular hypothesis within society that new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), are going to replace many facets of human activity. And, more specifically, they are going to take over a large chunk of the jobs that skilled and unskilled workers currently perform.

Without taking calculated risks to embrace future disruption businesses run a greater risk of not fulfilling their potential, failing their own workforce and quickly being swallowed by change.

In this presentation, Stuart Dickinson argues that automation tools such as the leading edge products available with SAP Leonardo can provide significant productivity and efficiency improvements while also better understanding the implications of the digital future.

The address will explore what businesses need to do to prepare for technological change and to build what SAP calls the Intelligent Enterprise of the future. 


Presentation: Rise of machines.pdf    




Presentation Overviews

HANA Rapid Deployment Methodology

Presenter: Sudesh Lourdes, SAP HANA Lead, Syd Consulting and Tracey Patterson, IT Manager, Tenon Clearwood   


This session will cover:

  • Deploy the HANA platform as a defined package and deliverables
  • Benefits of a HANA Deployment Package
  • How is it delivered?
  • Customer experiences
  • Real life use case
  • Business Process outcomes  

Presentation: SYD_Tenon.pdf

Blockchain with IOT: Where to start

Presenter: Mark Singh, Head of Advisory and Digital Strategy Evangelist, Syd Consulting    



Let's cut through the volatility of Bitcoin and skepticism surrounding the viability of underlying technology i.e. Blockchain.

This session focuses on highlighting 'trust and transparency' enabled transformative potential od 'enterprise blockchain with IOT enabled by HANA'; on end to end value chain. 


Presentation: Micosoft Blockchain.pdf & Blockchain uTube.mht 

Pricing, Promotion and Rebate Strategies for Competitive Advantage

Presenter: Chris Spence, Chief Marketing Officer and Regional Director (APAC), Flintfox



Your organization no doubt wants to differentiate from the competition, grow profitability and provide incentives that work. The question is how can you tackle these challenges? In this presentation, Chris Spence will showcase the latest global trends in Trade Revenue Management. You will find out how one of New Zealand's largest distributors of liquor products has boosted competitiveness and slashed administration time and costs, by integrating a trade revenue management solution with their SAP. The new automated process is ensuring accurate pricing and trade promotions that encourage market growth, along with huge productivity gains through eliminating manual administration of pricing in spreadsheets.


Presentation: https://vimeo.com/286805023/a832b85324?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=28749&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_28d0nxagMmbTuY7iGok3HLw-nC3s5Q5UZejCvubPCcp8pawjOHXI2PneVsHyjP6MV42nMgxmxka6Q7pwE9F6nxXJxAw&_hsmi=65525875 


The Ballance Journey to Banking Bliss

Presenter: Keryn Quayle, Finance and Production Business Analyst, Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd and Brenda Bolland, Finance and Production Business Analyst, Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd     


Ballance Agri-Nutrients recently implemented SAP Bank Communication Module for their finance team. In this presentation Ballance will present the old and new process for their payment approval process. The old process was completely manual with very little security. The new process is simplification and automation at its best from payment run to vendor. Ballance now have a completely auditable and reliable system which saves them 20-30 hours a month in administration time. 


Presentation:  The file is too large to load so if you want a copy please email info@nzsug.co.nz

Change Leadership - Emotional Intelligence on Steroids

Presenter: Tyrone Mapp, Project Manager, Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd  


Emotional intelligence is the single most powerful tool in your repertoire when it comes to change. The question is, how do you apply that in change leadership? Come along to learn some fantastic tools and methods that will help you bring about change in your organization.

The Change Leadership presentation provides Project Managers, Line Managers and people involved in change with tools to help them initiate, run and sustain change programs in their business without spending large amounts of money on change methodologies.        


Presentation: Change Leadership - Emotional Intelligence on Steroids.pptx 


Go Big, Go Global - Fonterra deployment of SuccessFactors Modules (incl. EC) in collaboration with Presence of IT

Presenter: Tina Lundkvist, HR Systems and Analytics Manager, Fonterra



Sharing the story of Fonterra Coop Group Ltd, our SuccessFactors journey and beyond:

  • Technologies, we pioneered in collaboration with Presence of IT and SAP
  • How we delivered change
  • Where to next - our high-level roadmap 

Presentation: Fonterra Technology SF EC.pptx


Microsoft's digital transformation and how we are leveraging the power of SAP to drive business value

Presenter: Tina Hornschemeier, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft    



Microsoft is heavily invested in SAP. It uses SAP application extensively to run finance, human resources, global trade, supply chain, and other parts of its $89.5 billion global business. Hear from Microsoft IT about their journey migrating an estimated 50 terabytes of SAP to Azure, facing challenges of size and complexity and the real benefits gained.


Presentation: How Microsoft is leveraging the power of SAP.pptx 

Continuing our journey to the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors

Presenters: Chris Casanelia, Manager Workforce Systems, Auckland Council and Himanshu Kapoor, Senior Consultant, Deloitte 



Auckland Council's journey to implement SuccessFactors modules (EC, REC, ONB)

  • Initial challenges
  • Customer's involvement 
  • Post go live benefits
  • Lessons learnt

Presentation: Auckland Council Digital Transformation.pptx


Hybrid Planning - SAP BPC and SAC Stronger together

Presenter: Christopher Kaszelik, Director and Lucas Costa, Consulting Manager, Bluetree Solutions       



Join this session to learn how to leverage SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation together to create real disruptive innovation in your financial planning and analysis operations by combining the best of both worlds.   


Presentation:  Bluetree SAP Analytics Cloud.pdf   


SAP Cloud Platform - Enabling your IT Strategy & Use Case Demo

Presenter: Harald Ahorner, Team Lead Software Engineering, Deloitte     



This presentation will work through some use cases for the SAP Cloud Platform. We will discuss how Cloud Platform can enable the IT strategy through combining different elements of the overall SAP solution architecture. To give a deeper insight, we will work through two practical use case examples around IoT integrating sensor data and side by side extensibility of the SAP S/4 Cloud version to give more insight in practical use cases around the Cloud Platforms.     


Presentation: Cloud Platform Deloitte.pdf   


How business users are creating Robotic (Business) Process Automation from their SAP Test Automation Solution

Presenters: Brant Borrie, Global Service Delivery and Tim Rankin-Mills, Gloabl Technical Manager, Testing Consultancy      


The Challenge for SAP Organisations

  • Many Organisations face challenges and risks by not fully testing upgrades, migrations and other changes
  • Organisations also face significant overheads with business users being asked to complete repetitive low value tasks

The Next Generation

  • Today - MBTA is providing the platform for accelerated SAP test programs helping organisations reduce risk and increase success
  • Tomorrow - MBTA is also leading the way for new generation of RPA (Robotic Process Automation)


  • MBTA and RPA solutions are being delivered by Business Users and Non-Technical testers alike
  • Business users can use their MBTA knowledge and skill to provide ongoing RPA solutions to the business
    • greatly increasing the value of testing IP and
    • reducing the overhead of repetitive and low value tasks
    • freeing business users up to deliver more interesting and high value activities

Presentation: TTC - RPA Deployment Process.ppsx


Why innovate with SAP

Presenters: Colm Maloney, Director of Customer Advisory & Innovation, SAP ANZ and Deepak Pratap, Director, Lagom


The overall presentation will focus on:

  • Why should SAP customers be looking at innovation?
  • What is SAP doing to encourage innovation?
  • Why SAP can be seen as an enabler for innovation
  • How SAP has looked at breaking the old paradigm and enabling accelerated delivery 
  • How is Lagom leading this charge for SAP customers in NZ
  • Why would you consider looking at innovating with Lagom on SAP

Presentation: Lagom and SAP - Why innovate with Lagom and SAP.pptx


SAP S/4HANA Cloud - The Saas offering for NZSME

Presenter: Christian Wehrle, SAP Senior Functional Consultant, Deloitte     


We will walk through the various SAP S/4HANA offerings and discuss the positioning of each along with what types of organisations are likely to be the best fit for each option. We will then talk around some of the architecture for the public cloud versions and then complete a demo of the functionality as it is available out of the box from SAP. 


Presentation: S4 HANA Cloud.pptx 


Driving Business Growth with a Hybrid Analytics Strategy

Presenter: Andreas Kral, Senior Solution Adviser, Analytics & Insight Centre of Excellence     


SAP recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the factors driving analytics/BI maturity, particularly in relation to cloud capabilities. A key finding shows that most companies are taking a hybrid cloud approach to analytics - enabling them to put data insights to greater use. Join this session to find out more about the advantages of a hybrid cloud approach, and discover how you can build an effective strategy by appropriately leveraging your existing on-premise analytics tools (both SAP and third party) and knowing when to extend or expand to the cloud.    


Presentation: Hybrid Analytics Strategy.pdf   


GDPR: How will this impact organisations outside the EU & limiting your exposure

Presenter: Les Smith       


In our digital age, data has become one of the most valuable resources. The GDPR focuses on regulating its use as it relates to the personal data of individual persons, and ensuring it can be protected. In the context of globalized business, the GSPR is broad in its applicability and now impacts a variety of organisations who were not necessarily affected by prior directives. So whether your company processes data within the EU or not - or whether you use a third party to do it for you - you will likely be subject to GDPR requirements if you process or hold personal data of EU residents.

During this session, we'll discuss the following:

  • Why is it different and why does it matter?
  • What's the business impact?
  • How does it fit in the bigger picture?

Furthermore, we'll provide some scenarios and use cases of how non-EU Companies are responding to or being impacted by these changes. 


Presentation: GDPR.pdf 


Move to the Cloud or Stay on Premise: Successfully Migrate to S/4HANA

Presenters: Paul Swain, Head of Solution Centre of Excellence, SAP ANZ and Carmen Almajan, Architect, SAP S/4HANA Cloud      



Your organization is planning to adopt SAP S/4HANA and you are wondering how to tackle this task best. This session explains how to mitigate risk and get the most out of your implementation of SAP S/4HANA by finding the right transformation and landscape management path. Whether you want to convert your existing SAP system into SAP S/4HANA or start with a fresh system featuring clean, valid, business-ready data, this session provides guidance and best practices. Presenters walk you through prerequisites, basic preparation steps, and the transformation process. 


Presentation: Journey to S4HANA.pdf


Optimising the workforce now with  Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Presenter: Murali Shanmugham, SAP Cloud Platform Solution Advisor, SAP ANZ       



Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into enterprise software can simplify employees' everyday lives and allows them to focus on higher value tasks. Imagine if employees could use natural language or speak to a virtual assistant to get reports, configure alerts, enter data or execute workflows. This session, will showcase some real-life machine learning demos from around the world which are improving workforces, increasing productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction. 


Presentation: Optimising the workforce now with Machine Learning .pdf


Join the Customer Experience Revolution

Presenter: Kosta Triantafillou, SAP Marketing Cloud Lead & Digital Evangelist, Centre of Excellence SAP APJ       



Explore the changing relationship between customers and brands - SAP's vision for transforming marketing, sales, commerce, and service to build trusted brand relationships and innovate next-generation customer experiences. 


Presentation: Join the Customer Experience Revolution no video.pdf 












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