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Wellington Event

Friday 23rd November 2018 


Topic Presentation Overview 

 Keynote: Shaping the Future: Transforming service delivery and fostering public sector innovation through the SAP ecosystem

Presenters: Phil Cameron, General Manager, SAP NZ; John Bole, Deputy Chief Executive, NZ Police; and Louise Aitken, CEO, Akina Foundation 

In our opening keynote, Phil Cameron, General Manager, SAP New Zealand will share insights on how SAP is working together with government to help the communities we live in today. He will be joined by guest speakers, John Bole, Deputy Chief Executive, Finance at NZ Police, who will provide his take on engaging with suppliers, their unique partnership charter and roadmap process, and Louise Aiken, CEO, Akina Foundation, who will share details on how they are partnering with SAP to help develop new market and investment opportunities for social enterprises.


Keynote Slide: NZSUG Keynote slide.pptx 

uTube Video Link:  Social Sabbatical


Intelligent Finance - Machine Learning Cash Application

Presenter: Les Smith, Finance & Risk Solutions Lead, centre of Excellence, SAP ANZ

A/R accountants have to match payments with open customer invoices the payments are intended to clear. This process step at the end of order-to-cash process is called "cash application" as you are "applying" the cash to particular invoices. Using SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities, the matching machine engine learns from accountants' past manual actions, capturing much richer detail of customer and country-specific behaviour, without the costs of manually defining detailed rules.


Presentation: Cash Management.pdf 

S4/Finance - start your journey to S4

Presenter: Les Smith, Finance & Risk Solutions Lead, centre of Excellence, SAP ANZ


Discover how you can get on the S4 journey with Central Finance. central Finance is an S/4HANA system, installed as side-car, receiving financial accounting transactions via real-time replication or non-SAP ERP source systems.


Presentation: S4Finance Journey.pdf 

SAP S/4HANA Cloud - The Saas offering for NZSME

Presenter: Christian Wehrle, SAP Senior Functional Consultant, Deloitte

We will walk through the various SAP S/4HANA ERP product offerings and discuss what types of organisations are likely to be the best fit for each option. We will then talk around some of the architecture for the public cloud versions and complete a demo of the functionality as it is available out of the box from SAP.

Presentation:  NZSUG Wellington 23112018 - S4 HANA Cloud.pptx


SAP Cloud Platform - Enabling your IT Strategy & Use Case Demo

Presenter: Harald Ahorner, Team Lead Software Engineering, Deloitte

This presentation will work through some of the use cases for the SAP Cloud Platform. We will discuss how cloud platform can enable your IT strategy through combining different elements of the overall SAP solution architecture. To give a deeper insight, we will work through practical use case examples around IoT extensibility of the SAP S/4 Cloud version. This is to give more insight into the practical use cases around the cloud platform.


Presentation:  SAP Cloud Platform.pdf

Accelerating Public Sector Innovation with Data-Driven Government

Presenter: Barry Hodges, Senior Account Executive, Database & Technology, SAP


By adopting a data-driven strategy, government can reap the benefits of digital transformation. Such a transformation can empower public sector organisations to design innovative new business models across multiple channels, optimise business processes, engage citizens and partners more effectively, and manage change successfully. In this session, hear how New Zealand can achieve that goal by creating a real-time data platform that integrates strategic public sector functions: citizen-facing operations, internal business operations, and change management - to ultimately help solve the problems that need solving.


Presentation: SAP Data Driven Government - NZSUG.pdf 

NZBN and e-Invoicing: Building opportunities for NZ Business

Presenter: Brent Powell, Senior Project Manager e-Invoicing, Business Integrity Services, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment


The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a globally unique identifier that creates opportunities for greater business insight and more timely, cost-effective and transparent business connections. This presentation will discuss the NZBN in the context of the e-Invoicing project and the development of a roadmap for future organisational 'Procure to Pay' capabilities underpinned by the NZBN.


Presentation: MBIE and SAP Presentation Nov 2018 Final.pdf

Digital Government / Move to Cloud

Presenter: Pete Chapman, Director, Asia Pacific Advisory, EY


Presentation: NZSUG Simplifying move to cloud v0.1.pdf

Strategic Roadmap to SAP S/4HANA (Greenfield, Brownfield or BLUEFIELD)

Presenter: Marcus Scott, SNP Transformations

Many companies are currently considering SAP S/4HANA and examining when and how to introduce the successor to SAP Business Suite. SAP S/4HANA is based on the in-memory platform SAP HANA and optimized for its use. Companies can operate the software both locally and in the cloud. Greenfield, Brownfield or BLUEFIELD - do you know which SAP S/4HANA implementation approach is right for your organisation? Walk through the steps, challenges, and benefits of these three S/4HANA paths. We are thrilled to offer SNP's BLUEFIELD approach - a unique implementation methodology for enterprises considering a move to S/4HANA. BLUEFIELD enables companies to migrate, upgrade and enhance features and data in a single go-live project.

Presentation:  Marcus Scott_Strategic Roadmap to SAP S4HANA.v4WO-.pptx

Effective delivery of a Saas Implementation - A SAP SuccessFactors perspective

Presenter: Ganapathy Iyer, Director, and Paul Tombleson, Director, Lagom

With exponential growth in cloud computing and significantly enhanced focus on Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, there is a  lot of activity in the market driven by the enormous value these offer.  While this is exciting and a great space to be in, implementing these can seem a daunting challenge especially where these are accompanied by, in most cases, a significant change in mindset, culture and organisational change. In this presentation, using SAP SuccessFactors as a case in point, we explore the key constitutions involved in embarking on a SaaS implementation and aim to provide a framework to effectively manage the delivery right from business case to post go live stabilisation and beyond. The presentation focuses on key aspects defining what success looks like, scope, structuring and governance, approach / methodology, consistent and continuous measurement, entry and exit criteria to deliver a great outcome. The presentation focuses on the mindset change that needs to accompany any SaaS implementation to ensure that the stated objectives are realised and sustained.


Presentation: Effective Delivery of a SaaS Implementation Final.pptx

Topic Is your infrastructure ready for SAP HANA?

Presenter: Benjamin Kwan, Systems Sales Specialist, IBM


Presentation:  Infrastructure for SAP HANA SAP UG Final.pptx

The Value of Enterprise HRIS for SMBs

Presenter: Nico Hadj-Blaha, Managing Director, Synchrony Global and Nicola Champion, HR Project Manager, Environmental Protection Authority

Picture the ideal ' digital enterprise': It is nimble. Its employees are engaged and have strong relationships with their managers and each other, executives are up to date on technology and leadership skills. Decisions - from the smallest to the most strategic - are made quickly and easily across the organisation. This vision of a 'digital enterprise' looks a lot like that of a well-run SMB should do. Yet the reality id often more complicated, with SMBs facing similar digital-transformation hurdles and growing pains as their bigger rivals. Plus, only about half of SMB executives say decisions are data-driven, made in real time, or mapped to company strategies. In this session, you'll discover how HR technology can deliver best practice, support innovation and provide high-quality operational services for SMBs. And hear from a Wellington based organisation with 200 employees that has adopted SAP SuccessFactors to improve employee engagement, efficiency and performance.




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