New Zealand SAP User Group


Wellington Event 2017

Thursday 8th June



Sponsored Keynote's


Presenter: Nick Mulcahy, CEO, Soltius

Nick Mulcahy, CEO Soltius, having recently returned from SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, will provide a high-level overview of key announcements from SAP's flagship conference. The keynote will include insights into the hot topics from SAPPHIRE NOW, for the New Zealand context. You'll walk away knowing where SAP is headed and what it means for your business.

Beyond the Browser - Making Digital Data come to life

Presenter: Carl McGowan, Chief Architect, UXC Oxygen

Automating processes, digitizing information and equipping the workforce with mobile access is revolutionizing business, but it's just the first step. There are technologies in development, and devices available now, that go much further, bringing digital data to life, making it an integral part of a business user's working day. Augmented reality, wearables and IoT are exciting technologies but to what extent can they be put to practical use right now and what should your workplace prepare itself for in the future? Oxygen's, Carl McGowan, looks beyond the smartphone to some of IT's 'next big things' and provides insights into how your business can capitalize on the latest technologies.



Overview of Presentation's

The Future is Now with Machine Learning and Intelligent Digital Assistants

Presenter: Glenn Neuber, APJ Business Lead, SAP Global Innovation Centre Network

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into enterprise software opens the opportunity to simplify employees' everyday lives and allows them to focus on higher value tasks. Imagine how much more productive your workforce could be if each employee had a virtual assistant to complete time consuming tasks in the enterprise. Now, visualize if employees could use natural language to message or speak to that assistant to get reports, configure alerts, enter data or execute workflows. In this session, Glenn Neuber, APJ Business Lead from the SAP Innovation Centre Silicon Valley, will showcase some real-life machine learning demos from around the world, while sharing insights on how SAP are aspiring to make all its enterprise solutions intelligent.

SAP 15.11 on AWS + SAP C4C

Presenter: Tait Communications


S4/HANA Conversion - The migration path of choice for existing customers

Presenter: Andrew Mills, Manager Business Services, Deloitte

Deloitte will discuss the options available to customers should they want to move to the latest SAP on premise S4/HANA 1610. This will include some analysis of which option is likely to best suit specific customers based on your current SAP solution. We will also talk to what we see as some of the key business benefits of making the change to the latest S4/HANA codeline and how these could translate to a simplification of some of your existing business processes.

Disclosure Management - The 'Last Mile' for Reporting

Presenter: Sarah Cheung, Store Reporting Lead, Foodstuffs NI and Stuart Bailey, Senior Consultant, Sentio

Foodstuffs NI and Sentio will present on:

  • Why FSNI implemented SAP Disclosure Management
  • The implementation Process
  • Business benefits
  • key learnings
  • Show a short demonstration

Augmented Reality, IOT and the Connected Product Experience

Presenter: Slavko Snjegota, Development Architect, SAP Visual Enterprise

Object and data visualization in 3D has had its challenges. Most users find it problematic to navigate in 3D on standard 2D screens using a traditional mouse and keyboard. however with advancements in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices and technologies this process has become much more natural as its closer to our everyday experiences. Combine this with the proliferation of IoT data and connected products and we are on the cusp of radically new possibilities around the consumption of business data. Join this session to learn more about use cases and discover new possibilities where we have taken these emerging technologies to create an enhanced user experience for our customers.

Digital Leadership and Diversity for the Public Sector

Presenter: Trent Wai-Poi, HR Solutions Consultant, SAP

Adoption of digital technology not only helps improve efficiency, it also improves employee engagement and satisfaction which helps drive better service delivery. It's a virtuous circle. However, the Leader 2020 research study reveals that only 67% of public sector executives are proficient when it comes to digital transformation readiness. And the technology is just one side of the coin. Engaging, leveraging and enabling the millennial workforce on the use of technology and building a diverse workforce are becoming key challenges. Only 54% of public sector leaders believe they are proficient when it comes to managing a diverse workforce. During this presentation you will learn how to leverage emerging technologies and align your people so they can take advantage of the new tools available and work in more flexible ways.

Agile SAP Development

Presenter: Mark Brockie, Senior IT Consultant and Steve Hart, Practice Manager SAP, Inland Revenue

The earthquake activity over the last 7 months resulted in building closures within Wellington creating real stress in how to optimize IR's ability to provide Hotdesks for displaced staff. The solution was a simple SAP ALV list that allowed identification od available desks (based on leave and work schedule rules) and the ability to automatically email both the employee whose desk is seen as available and their manager so that confirmation could be received that the desk was indeed suitable for Hot-desking. This was an exercise in quickly ascertaining what the business needs were and then providing them with a workable and flexible solution. The approach was very "Dev Ops" in nature as the different IR folk collaborated to get this utility up and running ASAP.

Training Documentation and Change Services for SAP Implementations

Presenter: Sysdoc


SuccessFactors LMS - Processes and Learnings from implementation

Presenter: Jussi Luukkonen, HR Capability Manager, Housing NZ

"At the beginning there was the word - at the end just the Cliché." - SJ Lec. What is good content for eLearning and how to define the scope of delivery. Jussi will outline Housing NZ taxonomy, the triangles of delivery and where the beef is for eLearning vegans.

Building your Business Case for a Successful S4/HANA deployment with new tools like Process Mining by Celonis

Presenter: Paul Swain, SAP S4/HANA Lead for ANZ

We all know that by upgrading to SAP S4/HANA you will be able to unlock the full potential of your core IT processes, but to realize the full benefits of SAP S4/HANA, and to ensure the success of your migration, it is critical that you first understand your existing operations as they happen in real-life, and optimize them to take full advantage of new generation computing and automation. After you complete your transition to SAP S4/HANA it is critical that you continue to monitor your success and react quickly to any unforeseen issues. SAP Process Mining by Celonis not only provides you with the information you need to optimize your existing processes, it is critical for ongoing measurement and continuous improvement to guarantee the largest possible ROI from your migration. In this session hear how you can build your business case for S4/HANA using tools and early adopter benchmark information from SAP. In particular, hear how SAP Process Mining by Celonis will support you in both building a business case for S4/HANA and delivering those benefits once live.

Reduce Risk and Improve Supplier Effectiveness by extending your Supplier Collaboration

Presenter: SAP

The work has gone digital. You're seeing it in procurement, finance, IT, sales and supply chain operations. You're more connected, faster, more efficient, and more productive than ever. Now digitization is presenting you with new, advantage-boosting opportunities which will take some change. Changes to how you connect with business partners and suppliers and changes to how buying and selling gets done. In this presentation we will show how you can extend your reach into the supplier base to lower risk and increase efficiency for better collaboration between you and your business partners.

Laying the Foundation for Contact Energy's Foray into the Digital Universe

Presenter: Craig Brown, SAP Application & Enhancement Manager and Jayshree Ravi, Enterprise Architect, Contact Energy

Hear about how Contact recognized the need to move into a more digital enabled SAP environment to support both their external customers and internal users. In this session we will cover how the Digital Roadmap was brought to life by:-

  • Implementing SAP's Multichannel Foundation for Utilities (website and mobile app)
  • Transitioning from WebServices to the modern lightweight REST based OData Services
  • Utilising the SAPUI5 toolkit
  • Fiori Apps for sales facing employees
  • Personas for shop floor transactional users

Like any implementation choices needed to be made and road bumps were encountered. Hear how the challenges were overcome and what worked well and what not so well. We'll also cover the feedback on the success of the implementation and the tangible differences it has made to the user interface.






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