New Zealand SAP User Group

Overview of the Hamilton event presentations:



Deloitte/Sap/Apple Partnership.

Presenter: Anthony Buntic


Hear all about the recent announcement around the Deloitte/SAP/Apple partnership, Tango Groups will demonstrate an example of the type of development that the partnership may bring.

Forecast & Replenishment.

Presenters: Valerie Holibar & Chris Monkton, Foodstuffs NI


Foodstuffs North Island will over the benefits of being connected in the SAP International User Community, the exposure and solutions to common business problems and the future direction and functionality of SAP in their business.

SAP Global Batch Trace Tool.

Presenter: Jerry Castellanos, Fonterra


Hear how Fonterra Uses SAP's Global Batch Tool to build proof in their promise of safe food, safe people and world class quality. The presentation will outline the challenge Fonterra faced post the 2013 precautionary recall, the vision for electronic product history traceability and the role that SAP GBT play in that, and show a demo of GBT in action.


SAP on AWS 101.

Presenter: Igor Gentil, Soltius


For quite some time now Public Cloud is not seen as something 'only for startups' - most Fortune 500 companies run multiple production workloads on AWS. This talk intends to show you the best practices for adopting AWS and the Public Cloud as the go-to infrastructure for SAP systems, with performance, security and cost efficiency.


Empowering the Enterprise with Automated Analytics.

Presenter: Dr Andrew Peterson, Soltius


Attendees will gain a solid understanding of how SAP Automated Analytics can transform and empower their business by radically simplifying the entire process of building, validating, deploying and maintaining predictive models. Attendees will also gain clarity about the skills their analysts will need to use these tools effectively.

S4 HANA 1610 Update.

Presenter: Kevin Richardson, SAP


Just released, hear what is new this 1610 update.


Presenter: SAP


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